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Share your Wildfire Experiences

  Research study asks your personal accounts from the Bastrop Fires of 2011   

You are invited to share your wildfire experiences with Texas A&M researchers collecting personal accounts and insights from the most intense fire disaster in U.S. history.  Your experiences can become part of Bastrop historical archives and help improve disaster response and recovery in Central Texas and across the nation.

Starting this month, Dr. Kathryn Henderson and research students from the Texas A&M University Department of Sociology are undertaking a project to collect personal experience narratives from fire survivors and other community members affected by the Bastrop Complex wildfires. These researchers will be volunteering for the Bastrop County Recovery Center, working with the Bastrop Public Library.

If you were involved in any manner during or after the 2011 wildfires that swept Bastrop County, A&M asks for your accounts describing: fire damage, emergency response, rescue operations, evacuation, organizations, relief efforts, communication, shelter, housing, and other issues. 

Names of individuals reporting fire experiences will be kept confidential, never disclosed without permission.   Personal accounts can, if you agree, be shared with the Bastrop Public Library, which is creating an archive about the wildfires.  All interview information will be reviewed by Dr. Henderson and may be used for scholarly research and to benefit future emergency response planning.

Dr. Henderson’s researchers will begin work in Bastrop in late September.  Teams will include graduates and undergraduates with training in qualitative methods and visual methods in research.    You will be asked, but not required, to permit recording of interviews, which last about an hour.  There is no financial payment for participating.

For questions or to sign up to participate in telling your story:  
Dr. Kathryn Henderson hendrsn@tamu.edu  cell: 979-575-0780

General project information also available via:
Bastrop County Disaster Recovery Center
1091 Highway 71 West, Bastrop, TX 78602 
512-850-MAIN (6246)     toll free 855-237-6246
email: services@main.org   web: BastropRelief.org